Offer more than a promise. Create an experience.

Plaze is the new standard for personal brand experiences: The best way to experience products is to touch them and try them out.

Product Integration

Benefit from high-quality contacts for your product. Your target group experiences your brand with all their senses. Convince them by offering more than just a promise: Create an experience.

Convince with elegance

Meet the needs of your customers and take advantage of natural product integration. Below the Line Marketing, Content Marketing and Native Advertising are based on the assumption that added value and subtle brand perception create particularly sustainable and valuable branding. Use our effective form of advertising to reach new customers, to retain existing customers or to convince customers of your competitors of your offers.

Brand safety through intelligent targeting

Your advertising effect is important to us. By clever use of artificial intelligence Plaze makes target group-exact placements possible for your products. Thus we guarantee an economic communication possibility with real advertising effect for your enterprise.

Kostenfreie Produkte für Airbnb Gastgeber und Gäste

Marketing for young and old

Relevant contacts with experience and direct sales: By intelligently controlling the placements to your target group, we enable relevant contacts both for multinational companies and for local businesses.

Measurable success

We offer you the best possible transparency through clear evaluations and valid data. So you always have an eye on your communication and sales successes.

Ask us!

We will be happy to explain the details to you. Contact us and belong to the first movers of this innovative possibility to make products tangible.