Let brands sponsor your Airbnb apartment.

Discover on Plaze which brands you would like to sponsor for your Airbnb apartment. Get free products and features now, and improve your stay for your Airbnb guests.

Kostenfreie Produkte für Airbnb Gastgeber und Gäste

Favors & Upgrades.
Discounted or completely free.

Plaze will put together a selection of branded products tailored to your Airbnb accommodation. You buy the products – we will refund you the money.

How does it work?

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Make it comfortable

Secure yourself quality interior and amenities that enhance your accommodation. Create a cozy atmosphere in which you and your guests feel good.

Kostenfreie Produkte für Airbnb Gastgeber und Gäste

Fill your fridge

Thanks to Plaze, you can provide your guests with drinks, snacks and other little things for free, making them feel at home.

Show your guests around

Let your guests experience the most beautiful places in the city! With vouchers for cute cafés or a free taxi ride you will make their stay unforgettable.

Kostenfreie Produkte für Airbnb Gastgeber und Gäste

Discover which products are suitable for your Airbnb listings

After registering, you will see all the products that match your Airbnb listings on your personal dashboard. Here you can get coupon codes for free ordering or upload your receipts to get back money.

Kostenfreie Produkte für Airbnb Gastgeber und Gäste

Are you ready to start?

Step 1

Register for free

Register for free as a host at Plaze. It’s easy. You only need the link to your Airbnb accommodation.

Step 2

Get access to products

As a registered host on Plaze you can discover all products that brands are willing to sponsor you for your Airbnb apartment.

Step 3

Start shopping for free or get Cashbacks on your purchases

Buy the products and submit the receipt via the Plaze Platform. We will refund your expenses.

Start now with Plaze

Offer your guests more and choose from many free or discounted products – perfectly tailored to your Airbnb listing.

Signing up at Plaze is quick and completely free.